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Day 299 From Under the Doona

Posted by themirrenlee on 28/10/2012

My friends have a luxurious house, so I’ve spent the day wallowing in a big bed with a cozy doona. I call Caryl “The Linen Queen” because she’s always buying the most beautiful sheets, quilts, doona covers, etc. The beds are like works of art. And Melbourne is always delightfully cooler than Sydney, so I can take advantage of the thick doona.

I’ve had about 4 days of feeling better since the bad flare last week, which meant I’ve been functioning! I decided to take today off, though, so that I don’t overdue it. Reading, resting, thinking, enjoying being comfortable and cozy.

Germaine Greer once said that her favorite thing to do was “to think”. I agree. I like to plan, ponder, roll things around in my head. Then I’ve got some clarity once I start writing everything down.

I have a lot to do while I’m here. I MUST consolidate my possessions, which are scattered at several different houses – friends and family helping me out since I left my flat last April. Lots of things to put on eBay. I won’t get my own place again until I return from L.A. in March, so I must pare down and organize.

I have a Lloyd Loom blanket box to restore for Caryl. She bought it from me, but it needs painting and a new padded top.

I need hydrotherapy, reflexology, massages, a visit or three to the physio that fixed my bad knee. I’m hoping he might be able to help my back and walking. I also need to see the medical clinic for more meds. I’ve given up thinking they can help me, except for the relaxation hypnosis. I need some more sessions for sleeping, and maybe also for dental visits, since I won’t be able to have a general anaesthetic now.

The cat here, a 13 year old Burmese called Ming (who I call Mr. Ming and therefore the house is Mr. Ming’s B & B), is very cuddly and sweet most of the time. Unfortunately, he had a major colon removal operation about a year ago and now has a problem controlling his … ahem … methane eruptions. He has his own bedroom, so often I have to banish him there to keep his odors to himself.

A day off. Without guilt. Lovely.

I’m just snugglin’ …

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