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Day 300 Plans, Progress & No PJs!

Posted by themirrenlee on 29/10/2012

Sarah and her new man, Nathan, just left after popping over with take out tucked under their arms. I’m a great cook, but I gave it up about 10 years ago. The lobe seemed to spontaneously shut down.

This was our “Meet the Fockers” moment. Sarah said I couldn’t wear my pyjamas – at least put my tracky daks on. And if a bra was too uncomfortable, then I’d have to cover up with a cardigan. So I did. But next visit all bets are off!

He’s a lovely guy, and not only does he seem to adore my daughter (and she him) but he’s a very good grounding force for her slightly wound-too-tight highly emotional maintenance needs.

Saw my Ken Doll doctor today, who treated me, as usual, as if I’m beyond saving because I’m a “woman of a certain age”. Guess he missed the memo about 60 being the new 40!

At least he’s an excellent medication supplier – whatever I want, no questions asked. Beats taking an interest in me. But who’s using whom … hummmmm?

Got the details for the physio who fixed my knee last year. I’m going to get his input on my lower back/hips/shooting pains down legs. If I could walk for longer than 15 minutes, I’d start getting everything seriously under control.

I want to be strong and better when I go end of January. I thought it was so horrible that I had to move the date, and then I got an email from my high school friend there who’s having serious challenges with her mother’s health issues. She said she wouldn’t have had much time to see me right now if I’d come. Incredible how things work out.

Why is Mr. Ming taking pins off the cork board (the push tacks with long plastic “hats”) and then dropping them on the floor for us to step on? Seems very passive aggressive behavior about something.

Today was an “out there” day. Tomorrow will be an “in here” day, making appointments, writing emails, organizing stuff to start my eBay selling.

I plan to be in Melbourne until Thanksgiving, which Sarah wants to host with Nathan, then I’ll drive back to Sydney for Christmas, then maybe one more visit back here before leaving for Fiji/L.A. on January 27th.

I’ll get a sublet off craigslist.orglike I did my last visit, then be back here by beginning of April to get a place on Phillip Island. I would have been “homeless” for one year!

Of course, all plans are open until they’re shut. If I feel great in L.A. and land work in the Industry, then I could stay. We’ll see. One step at a time …

Time to see if I can keep up this lovely new thing called “sleeping”. It’s wonderful – my muscles love it.

I’m just progressin’ …

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