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Day 301 The Suicidal Post

Posted by themirrenlee on 30/10/2012

Well, last nite was interesting. I don’t have a comfortable relationship with computers. Or, indeed, anything created after electricity. Absolutely counter to my son’s belief that it’s all intuitive, I am the exception that proves the rule – whatever in hell THAT MEANS!

Last nite I proudly wrote my Number 300 post and hit Publish. Something popped up and asked me a question. I generally ignore these because I usually don’t understand them. Evidently, in this case, I guess I was being asked something about saving it, so I pressed Yes.

Today I couldn’t find the post.

It seems I threw it in the Trash after Publishing it. I don’t understand how that happened, especially since it was on Facebook, but when you pressed the link it said it couldn’t be found.

Maybe the Post dumped itself? A case of suicide by trash.

No harm done – I retrieved it from the dumpster, but for the love of God … HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO ME?

(And I must say, a very ungrateful Post.)

I can’t even begin to figure out how to use the WordPress App on my iPad, and sitting at my computer is still painful. I really need to start my Apple classes.

I was feeling so sore last nite after feeling so good for several straight days, that I kinda overdid it with the sleep meds.

I woke up this morning unsure whether or not I had spoken to Roman in the middle of the nite, or whether I’d dreamt it. I let him lead. Turns out it was real.

Today I started anti inflammatories for the tenth time (tum tum doesn’t like them, but codeine’s worse), and felt better half way thru the day. All in all, feeling better cuz of the sleeping, but as I write this I’m spitting 3 times to break the bad luck I could get by writing out loud about it.

I had an “off” day to recover from yesterday, and appropriately enough am reading a book on my iPad (welcome, me, to the 21st century!) called, “Are you there, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea”, by Chelsea Handler. I always love a great deal of un PC, potty mouth, drug and alcohol fuelled black comedy.
She doesn’t disappoint.

Tomorrow is an “On” day, so body better bloody well be cooperating.

I’m just warnin’ …

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