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Day 302 The Aussies & Halloween

Posted by themirrenlee on 31/10/2012

Such fun tonight to see a few kids around the neighborhood make an attempt to scare up a costume, and then come for their treats.

When my 25 year Sarah was about 6, and trying to experience her mother’s heritage by going trick or treating, she got very interesting responses.

Some people gave her lollies, after scrounging around in their cupboards. Some gave her fruit (like Michelle Obama) and some, totally unprepared, regifted bath salts & lotions. One lady will be in our secret Hall of Fame for giving Sarah a can of baked beans!

At least they all tried. In between, there were houses telling my little 6 year old that it was an “American Holiday” (dripping with sneer drool), and we didn’t “do that sort of thing in Australia”.

No problem. I taught her in high scholl how to toilet paper a house as a “punishment decoration”. Only to be used in extreme cases.

When Nicky was recovering from leukemia, Sarah printed up flyers that she distributed all over the neighborhood asking people if they could please give the little bald Jedi Knight a few lollies. It worked really well and he was so happy. (Her great secret for success was to give all the houses the candy they’d need!)

Now I see Halloween is growing every year, on all levels: in the shops that have cheap costumes and decorations, in the grocery stores that sell Halloween themed candy, and even in small stores where they sell a variety of “stuff” from China.

It’s a fun holiday, and kids love it. I’m waiting for the year when the houses start to dress up as well, and we get the full Halloween experience.

I am quite excited for another reason. I actually managed to get up at 9:30 am today! I’m still getting sleep. Scary to say it out loud. I think there’s a Yiddish custom where I have to spit quickly 3 times to keep the evil eye off it.

I did errands, booked for a massage back at my favorite student clinic, and went through Sarah’s house to see exaxctly how much I’ve got stored there.

To top it all off, I’ve got an acting client for a New York dialect this Saturday. More details as we get closer.

As a result of all this busyness, I’m ready to go unconscious at any moment.

My 50s were pretty much poo poo, what with The Menopause From Hell, a long overdue divorce from a person with “problems”, and health that seemed to steadily go under in quicksand.

However, my 60s are looking promising. It’s the first time in about 5 years that I dare to have hope that I’m going to improve, and get back on track. Spit – Spit – Spit …

Time for bed, and to see if I can feel good tomorrow.

I’m just hopin’ …

(and may all the candies you have, be the ones you like!)

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