The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 304 Finding Me

Posted by themirrenlee on 02/11/2012

I thought yesterday could be today, making it a fresh start at the beginning of a new month, but alas, no.

The good news is that my sleeping pattern continues to improve – so much so that I’m actually able to get up in the morning feeling like I’ve slept. It’s been three years since I’ve felt that!

Unfortunately, I’m running myself a bit ragged with this new energy, which doesn’t translate into the stamina yet that I keep thinking it does.

So I’m too tired and sore to write properly now.

Maybe tomorrow can be the beginning I wanted. It’s pretty auspicious because I’m going to coach an actor via Skype for the first time in awhile.

All in all, I’m afraid to jinx it by saying anything, but I’m feeling like I’m slowly but steadily getting back to me.

How incredible that would be.

I’m just hopin’ …

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