The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 306 The Miracle Continues

Posted by themirrenlee on 04/11/2012

Well, I woke up this morning really sore and tired after a busy day yesterday, including a movie last night.

My movie buddy (Roman) and I saw “Argo”, which I really enjoyed. I think Ben Affleck has hit his stride as director, and the thing I really enjoyed is how accurate the clothes and hair were for 1979. I can’t stand it when they get that wrong. It’s especially irritating for those of us who were there, wearing those terrible huge eyeglasses!

So as I lay in bed, I thought this is it, the honeymoon’s over, I’m going be trapped by pain again.

Hallelujah, I was wrong!

Slowly the pain and stiffness receded, and I felt like I could function. Then I had a radical notion: why not simply take the day off, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. Usually, I’m in bed feeling guilty that I can’t function – today I just read and puttered and played Words with Friends (!), and didn’t feel guilty about having a day off.

Is this what normal feels like?!

Now I’m ready for tomorrow and all the things on my To Do list.

That’s it for now. You know why? Because I’m having a day off!

I’m just relaxin’ …

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