The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 310 I Done Did It

Posted by themirrenlee on 08/11/2012

I’m pretty proud of myself – even though I woke up with the same level of pain and tiredness I’ve been having for a few days, I pushed through it and did a Nike. When you “Just do it” sometimes it gives a much needed lift to spirits that start to sag when the To Do list stalls.

I got my passport photos – for both Australia and America. I kept looking online for where to go for the American ones (the post office does Australian ones), and then I walked right past a photography shop that does everything! And cheaper. $30 for both sets.

I have more to report, but I have to admit that my get up and go has got up and gone, so I have to take a time out.

I’m just recuperatin’ …

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