The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 312 And Then There Were Three

Posted by themirrenlee on 10/11/2012

Roman went to New Zealand today for a week long Anaesthetics conference. I’ll miss him, not only because he’s so patient and nice about chronic pain, but also because he’s a great movie buddy.

That leaves Caryl, who has chronic, acute migraines, and me, with my exciting array of health challenges. Oh, and the cat, Mr. Ming, but he’s pretty low maintenance; just keep the food and water bowls full and the kitty litter clean, along with cuddles when he demands them, and he’s happy.

The good thing about having two people in the house who battle chronic conditions is that we support and understand what each is going through. And Caryl doesn’t feel guilty about her health problems, which helps me not to feel such a useless emotion with mine.

I had an “Ah ha” moment when I was trying to figure out why I flared up the last couple of days. It’s the rain, stupid. I always forget how sensitive my body is to barometric changes – Ripley’s believe it or not. It’s another reason why Southern California is good for me – dry desert atmosphere.

The pain is slowly but steadily receding, but it sure has left me a bit worn out.

I have passport applications to fill out, now that I’ve got the photos. The Americans let us do it by mail mow, thank goodness. It used to be a real pain in the tuchis to schlep into the consulate. The Aussies do mail applications too, so one area of travelling just got easier.

I keep looking at my passport photos in confusion because I didn’t know I looked like that! I have a crooked, unphotogenic face which only works in photos where I’m smiling with my mouth open and being active. As far as
I’m concerned, this no smiling shit for passports makes us all look more suspicious, not less so!

It reminds me of when I ran an actor’s agency, and after the newbies would get their first ever set of headshots, often the girls (in particular) wanted their faces Photoshopped to make them look more like someone else!

So between the passports and the other To Do List items I have to get through, I’d better see a big health improvement by tomorrow, or I just might need to have that nervous breakdown I’ve been promising myself for years.

I’m just kinda fed up …

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