The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 315 Mea Culpa

Posted by themirrenlee on 13/11/2012

I’ve found the main trouble with having a chronic condition is that when I get a “bug” as well, then I am doubly boring to people.

No one cares about the health of someone they don’t know. Unless, of course, it’s some horrifyingly fascinating condition out of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”. Like the guy who’s turning into a tree. (Seriously. And not even a fruit bearing one.)

I can’t see any hint of bark on my body, just the symptoms of a boring sinus infection. I got antibiotics today, but had to cancel my physio and move my dental appointment to Friday.

That’s the worst consequence of these snot germs because it means even less time to get my teeth done before December 1st for half price. I need a total of about $4,000, so every bit of discount helps. The Universe has been entirely unhelpful when it comes to getting my teeth repaired.

Just so I wouldn’t feel like a complete, useless loser, I managed to mail a birthday card/gift certificate to a friend, and put one item on eBay – FINALLY!

Now I’m sitting here listening to my body, and it doesn’t have nice things to say. Its head hurts, throat’s a bit raw, muscles ache all over, ears are blocking up, cough is starting, low grade fever is fairly constant, and fatigue – with fog – is washing over it like the surf at high tide.

Oh, and it’s bitterly bored out of its own mind.

I expect boredom and indifference from doctors; from family and friends (no matter how much they try to fake it); from pharmacists (even though it’s part of their job to sympathize so you’ll buy more); from co-workers, who usually believe they feel sicker than you; from, well, just about everyone on the planet, actually.

Except my own body. I thought it, at least, would treat me kindly, and patiently help me to heal.

Nope. It just keeps adding symptoms (to amuse itself, I think), and making my fever go up and down (especially in front of the doctor – good one!).

So once again, my doona is my hidey hole for avoiding everyone and hoping to sleep until I’m over it all.

In the meantime, I apologise for being boring.

Wait … does that look like a piece of bark on my foot?

I’m just askin’ …

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