The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 327 Peroxide Perk Up

Posted by themirrenlee on 25/11/2012

It’s been a funny ol’ day.

I’ve spent the whole of it recuperating from my wee Flare yesterday, and feel much better for it. Physically.

But mentally I am struggling not to feel fed up and depressed over the “losing” of days.

One thing that helps is treating my hair to a dose of peroxide. I’m a blonde, but my carpet doesn’t match my drapes, if you get my meaning, and luckily my hair just adores being dyed. I’ve tried every color on the color wheel (naturally it’s a “gopher brown”) and always come back to blonde because it not only suits me, it also looks very natural. Even hairdressers have commented on how well I do with the color, which is a real compliment because I know they’d much rather have me pay them to do it.

So I now feel rested, and much better mentally. I like to get things on my list done, and that was one of them.

I have a very big week coming up, starting with the doctor tomorrow, then a dental appointment on Tuesday, followed by a big, final one on Friday. I’ve been told that I have several crowns in my future, but at $1600 a pop, they’ll just have to wait a little bit.

Then on Sunday Sarah and Nathan are going to drive me to Cowes on Phillip Island (just under two hours out of Melbourne), where my saint-like friend Tracey has been storing a lot of my things at her house, ever since I moved from there about 2 years ago! Like I said, saint-like.

On the Monday, I plan to have a little collapse – I think I will have earned it.

However, I will also be very happy to have accomplished so many things towards getting ready for my trip. Please, Universe, let me not have any Flares this week.

Besides completely sorting out all of my belongings before I go to Sydney for Christmas, from where I’ll leave on January 27th for my trip, I have two final big jobs to do here in Melbourne. One is to renovate a vintage blanket box that I sold to Carly on the proviso that I would refurbish it, and the other is to sell about a million items on eBay. Okay, so maybe not a million, but quite a few.

I sold David’s Sunbeam espresso coffee maker for them, but unfortunately the Nespresso style machines have made the bottom drop out of the market of the regular machines. I got a grand total of $7.50 for it! Let’s hope I do better with a lot of my other items.

My sleeping has started being a tad erratic again, which I find distressing. I’m going to have faith that it will get better again. To that end, good nite.

I’m just waitin’ for the Sandman …

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