The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 333 Writing for Real

Posted by themirrenlee on 01/12/2012

Well, here we are: December 1st. I know it’s a cliche, but dear god, time does seem to go faster every year!

Recap: I left my flat on April 21st and have been “homeless” ever since, staying with either Roman and Caryl, or David, Katie and Nicky in Sydney. The reason for it was to be able to save money for my trip to L.A. in October, and then that gets derailed with the death of Katie’s Dad. Strangely enough, as so often happens, while it was terrible for Katie it turned out to be better for me because I didn’t feel quite strong enough to go yet, plus of course there was the Dental Hell I really needed to go through.

Today I expected to feel like buffalos had stampeded all over me during the night after the stress of yesterday’s final dental visit, but I think the sheer relief and happiness at finishing it outweighed everything else and I actually feel pretty good. Roman and I are going to see “Skyfall” tonite – a perfect celebration to mark my lovely new teeth! (Although there’s a joke between us that if David likes a film we’ll probably hate it, and he liked “Skyfall”, so we’ll see …)

I have also accomplished something else, and that’s following through on my commitment from January 1st to post something, anything, every single day this year, and I’ve been doing it. The reason for doing this was so that I could get into the habit of writing and actually finishing all the projects I have started. I have projects that publishers have expressed interest in that I have not followed through on! I only have this block in the creative area of writing, nothing else, and I need to stop trying to figure out why and just follow the words of that great philosopher, Nike, and “Just Do It”.

So, to start out the month of December, I am going to write an additional post every day for one of my projects and let’s see how that gets it going. Today I will have off with James Bond, but tomorrow I will start the second post. Making commitments and having deadlines works for me, usually, so let’s see if this will get me more productive with my projects. It’s ridiculous when I think how I could have finished a book already just from these posts! My procrastination and blocking are insane, and I’m not going to own them anymore.

After the dentist, I feel now like I could do anything. That’s the real benefit of pushing through fears. It helps a person to see themselves in a different light; as someone whose identity now includes the ability to do things they never imagined before that they could.

I’m just feelin’ fearless …

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