The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 338 I Mean It

Posted by themirrenlee on 06/12/2012

I’ve been thinking about how people say to each other, “Look after yourself,” but then so many of us don’t.

We feel guilty for being sick, or think we should just push through because of all of our obligations. I know I did that for years.

I’m still working on the guilt, but I’ve learned through having Fibro that there’s no use pushing through. It will just get worse.

I’m lucky in that my kids are grown now, and I don’t have so many obligations, but I know that I still did too much at one time, and my poor body suffered burn out meltdown.

I was reminded of this because I appear to have another URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) instead of a Fibro Flare, which is kind of good news cuz it means the Fibro may still be getting better.

I’m very prone to URTIs due to my sinus and asthma issues, so I don’t fool around. I start taking antibiotics if it lasts more than a day. It may be viral, but if it’s not then I’ll be suffering for weeks if I don’t hit it early with germ killers.

I also stay in bed whenever my body tells me to. I’m convinced the emotional and physical burnout I suffered, and not taking care of myself, led to the Fibro. getting so bad.

Studies have shown a lot of similarities between how sufferers get it. Usually it’s Type A personalities, or in other words people who push themselves to the limit, who are sufferers.

My ex sister in law recently had a bout of pneumonia. It was the version called “walking pneumonia” because she kept coughing, but was able to push through with her functioning. For months. When she was finally forced into hospital, she was there for three weeks. But the worst part is, she has permanent scarring on her lungs. All avoidable if she had looked after herself.

Those of you who read about my DIL Katie’s father know that he also had pneumonia that he ignored until he, too, was forced into hospital. To then find out he had cancer, but was too sick from the pneumonia to treat it, is a double tragedy: he died, but it may have been preventable if he had looked after himself.

So I would like to remind people that you need to be your own rescuer, and don’t just pay lip service to looking after yourself. Give yourself what you need – physically, emotionally, mentally – so that you stay healthy and happy. If not for you, then for the people who love you.

And maybe we should start sounding more sincere by saying to each other: “Look after yourself. No, really, I mean it.”

I’m just sayin’ …

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  1. Well said

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