The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 342 Why Did I Say Yes?!

Posted by themirrenlee on 10/12/2012

Busy day getting things ready, so pretty tired.

Freaked out a tad because I’ve somehow ended up with the task of taking ex MIL to hospital tests at 10:30 in the morning – agony for me!

But everything has a reason, and I just have to do it.

People are always asking me if I’m lonely in my hermit like existence, and this is exactly why I always say absolutely not: no commitments to others.

I spent most of my life taking care of responsibilities connected with other people, and now I’m free. Usually. It’s wonderful to not have to triangulate through what others want. Usually.

But, somehow, I still get roped in doing things I’d really rather skip. Not “mean” enough, I guess. After all, my ex SIL will be with my ex MIL in the morning for coffee but I’M the one doing the hospital run instead of her, for her own mother.

I’ll just have to comfort myself with the fact that the good we do comes back to us tenfold. I do believe that.

Still won’t make it any easier to get my poor muscles out of bed at 8am!

I’m just goin’ to sleep now …

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