The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 346 Shedding My Old Life

Posted by themirrenlee on 14/12/2012

Well, by golly it seems I must really be having a bit of magic with the Fibro. I was so wrecked when I got up today I could hardly walk, and yet within a couple of hours I was running around doing things.

I painted the wicker blanket box for Caryl for several hours. It was so hot and rainy here today that the humidity was a killer. But I kept at it, and even though I’m very sore I feel very proud to have done it. (Whether it will ever dry in this weather is another matter!)

Tomorrow I am FINALLY going to pick up my stuff at Tracey’s. I expect to be sore, but now I’m also expecting to be able to work through it.

Which means the idea of travelling to L.A. without major issues becomes a lot more possible.

I have put a sign outside my bedroom saying “No Buffalos, Hippos or Hummers allowed”, so maybe they’ll leave my poor body alone tonite.

It’s shaping up to be a watershed year for me (whatever the hell that means), with teeth done, sleeping happening, and now the Fibro. improving.

For anyone going through a rough time, hang in there and stare it down. You, too, can have shedding water. (Such a weird saying, isn’t it?)

I’m just feelin’ better …

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