The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 351 Lift Off Minus 22 Hours

Posted by themirrenlee on 19/12/2012

I’m still standing. Well, no I’m actually in bed now, but I managed to get that much closer to my flight tomorrow.

When I got up, I was shaking from pain and fatigue – damned Hummer Hippos. BUT, yet again, I recovered in a couple of hours.

I sorted and packed, and got a big surprise when I went to the bank with my long-saved coins, neatly arranged in money bags.

They don’t use bags anymore – did you know that? You just shovel them all into a machine which counts it. I got $627.05 which is kind of interesting cuz I don’t collect 5c coins. Of course, they now have to charge a small fee for doing it. Banks and their exchange of services for profits … don’t get me started.

I want to put the money on a travel card before the fantastic exchange rate goes down. I’ll have to get that done in Sydney now.

Everything has been whittled down to what’s in my bedroom, which looks like the police had a search warrant.

How will I make this last, mad dash of energy to get out of here?

Who knows? Guess I’ll just have to trust the Universe, as I always have.

Will still get photos of the blanket box – the bedroom light is too dull for my phone.

I must sleep, very deeply, for many hours. Now.

I’m just sayin’ …

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