The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 354 Hello Mr. Sandman

Posted by themirrenlee on 22/12/2012

My family here in Sydney – son David, DIL Katie and grandson Nicky – last saw me a few months ago. I was mostly bedbound with the Fibro. cuz I hadn’t slept for over 3 years.

I was so looking forward to showing them how much better I’ve been doing now that I’m sleeping pretty regularly.

Unfortunately, I have hit a Wall from the work and stress of the last few days, and I can’t find a door yet to push thru it. So I have spent the whole day unconscious.

I have 2 days left for Christmas shopping, and MUST put my passports in for renewal. So feeling better is a priority.

We’re watching a lovely trashy movie together called, “2012”, about the predictable news at the moment: the end of the world. Such fun predicting the lines!

I’m almost sleep, though, and holding good thoughts for a big recovery tomorrow.

I’m just closin’ my eyes …

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