The 2012 Act Three Journey of an Actress/Coach/Writer.

Day 356 Christmas Eve Heat

Posted by themirrenlee on 24/12/2012

Here in Australia it’s Christmas Eve. I’m in Sydney and it’s unpleasantly hot and humid. The problem with a tropical climate is that it doesn’t cool down at nite like a desert climate (e.g. Los Angeles, where I was born).

Melbourne gets hot, but it then has “a cool change”. The weather is a roller coaster, and the joke is, “You don’t like this weather? Just wait five minutes.”

I’m obsessed with the weather cuz I just can’t get used to a hot Christmas.

However, I did my duty today and trekked through the mall getting my Christmas shopping done. I literally can hardly breathe now due to muscle and back pain, but I’m looking forward to taking it easy for awhile now so that the pain will recede.

I’m making a vow to put on my New Year’s Resolutions list that next
Christmas I will be somewhere with cold and/or snow. Preferably London. Somehow.

I’m holding good, healing thoughts for anyone in pain, physical or emotional or both, and hoping that 2013 will be better for you.

I’m just ho ho ho in’ …

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