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Day 365 Now What?

Posted by themirrenlee on 02/01/2013

Okay, officially, as opposed to reality, this is my final post for the 365 day writing challenge. In reality, I’ve written a few more, but 365 all had the same category in common (I’m just sayin’ …).

So I’ve proved I CAN be disciplined in my writing. I’ve also shown that I can be a complete idiot by not writing anything in total yet.

So what now indeed? I’m reading everything I can find on individual methods of New Year’s resolutions to expand my knowledge base of ideas. Or is it ideas base of knowledge?

Either way it sounds kind of wanky.

All I need to do is simply figure out what I want to do this year.

I know that includes writing, travelling and acting. Maybe coaching in the right conditions. I don’t want to keep doing anything the same way forever, which is what was happening.

Then find a way to get my health to agree to it all.

My first big achievement will be getting on that plane to L.A. (via two days in Fiji) come January 27th.

That in itself will be as huge an accomplishment as writing every day this last year was.

I think I just need to take a deep breath, pat myself on the back for being disciplined, and do a lot more thinking.

I’m just sayin’ …

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Day 364 Blame the Lizards

Posted by themirrenlee on 01/01/2013

I’ve really messed up the numbering for my goal of posting every day. Yesterday was really 365, but I didn’t realize in the beginning that every post would be counted – duh – so that I have more numbers than days of the year, but some are random from the every day challenge.

I’ve been thinking and pondering and wondering what I should do next, format wise. I still have writing projects to finish that require the dedication I’ve given to my daily post. But should I still commit to do that daily for the discipline?

January first is the quietest day in Australia, which is why it’s my favorite. People are usually so wrecked from partying the night before that all you can hear are headaches and snoring.

David and Katie combined a barbeque with David doing movie/comic book podcasts, so I had to apologize to the guests for not being social. It’s a big day for me to retreat and plan what I’m going to do next.

Unfortunately, my brain is as screwed up as my post numbers, and I have reached no conclusions.

Therefore, I will leave you with the latest score:
Lizards still 3 Cat 1,427

The carnage is starting to get to me.

It’s affecting my ability to think.

Why don’t the lizards fight back?

I’m just feelin’ confused on many levels …

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