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Day 359 My Passports are Cooking

Posted by themirrenlee on 27/12/2012

Finally … I DID it! I fixed the one major task that had to be done before leaving, or I wasn’t going anywhere After having two expiring passports glaring at me everywhere I turned, as their life force steadily ebbed away, I asked my wonderful DIL Katie to help me.

I am “challenged” on many levels, one of which is filling out forms. The longer and more bureaucratic the forms are, the more I start to drool and forget my name.

So Katie filled out the forms for me (one Aussie and one Yankee), and I just signed where I was told …

… while trying to avoid looking at my passport photos. I am truly convinced that they use special government issue cameras programmed to make every-one look hideous. The not smiling bit doesn’t help at all, of course.

$233 for the Aussie Passport (unless) you’re over 75 – then it’s half price). Just pass it over the Post Office counter and it will be mailed back in a couple of weeks. You can pay with cash, credit cards, debit cards, or goats. The Australian motto is, “No worries, mate.”.

The Americans, on the other hand, like it complicated. Must use bank check or postal order only, for $110. Must specifically make it out to “United States Consulate General”. (I’m a tad concerned mine won’t be accepted because Mr. Postman made it out to “USA Consulate General”. It’s the little things that trip us up.)8.

The old passport must be sent in a padded post bag with the forms and check, plus a self addressed Express Post Envelope Satchel thingy (technical term) or a Platinum version of the same thingy. I asked what the difference was between the two thingies, and he said the Platinum costs a lot more. Hmmm …

No mention of Registered or Signed For mail at either end. Hmmm … again.

I just hope I did it all right, and don’t get investigated by Homeland Security.

Wait! Technically Katie filled it out so she should share half the waterboarding duties.

There, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve raised a red flag on my name somewhere in a secret government hideaway.

The waiting starts, and the tension mounts: will I get a renewed passport?

What a sense of accomplishment and relief I feel. I’m still fighting this stupid Flare, so doing anything is a tad difficult, but after it’s done – whoopee! – break out the prescription drugs!!!

I took on government forms, and I’m still standing. Thank you, Katie.

I’m just feelin’ whoopee …

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