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Day 358 Boxing Day Musing

Posted by themirrenlee on 26/12/2012

Today is Boxing Day in Australia. It is derived from the English tradition (and Australia is part of the English Commonwealth) of opening boxes of presents the day after Christmas. It is mostly a holiday here.

I say mostly because retail comes back with the “Boxing Day Sales”. It’s insane, with people trampling each other so they can buy MORE – as if Christmas shopping wasn’t enough. It’s made worse by the fact that not every mall is open, so the ones that are become sardine cans.

David works for Apple and was rostered on today. He said at one point he tried to buy a coffee in the mall but had to give up because the line was too long.

I’ve never understood the feeding frenzy of shopping. I find it tiring and boring, not to mention scary. This is because crowds bring out the worst in me, and I worry sometimes about my impulse control when faced with enough marauding sardines.

I’m one of those people who are slowly but steadily doing all my shopping online. Not only is it less stressful, but then I get mail! I love mail, but nobody sends letters anymore so online shopping is a nice substitute.

My job now is to get strong for my trip, and that involves as much rest as I can manage. So I spent the day reading a book. A real book, not a download. It’s Patricia Cornwell’s latest, “The Bone Bed”. She’s not my favorite of writers, but I’ve read all of theirs!

I hope tomorrow stays cool, my Flare settles, and I finally send off my passport renewals, or I’m not going anywhere out of Australia.

I’m just not shoppin’ …

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Day 305 The Times They Are A Changin’ …

Posted by themirrenlee on 03/11/2012

Bob Dylan said it best. And we certainly do got us a whole lotta change happenin’ everywhere at once right now.

Weather challenges, The Big Election challenge, economy changes, policy changes, legal challenges on so many different fronts, changes in what constitutes a family – the list is pretty overwhelming.

On the personal front, here, with me, the changes are so potentially positive that it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. No, not scared of the changes themselves – I LOVE change – just a slight worry that the changes won’t continue to develop, and improve my life back to how it was about five years ago,when I could cope with the Fibromyalgia. And sleep!

Ever since I started sleeping with the Circadin, other supplements have worked better and I can now actually get deep REM sleep. Only slight problem with that is the troubling dreams once I get into deep enough sleep. I have post traumatic stress from my childhood – something they’re taking seriously now. And it comes out in my dreams. But hey, as long as I can continue to sleep, I’m willing to dream about all the villains from DC and Marvel comics together!

The sleep is steadily relaxing my muscles and reducing the pain. Plus I don’t feel constantly like I just want to crawl back into bed and stay there forever. In other words, I’m AWAKE!

I’ve gone onto anti inflammatories again for the arthritis in my back (which has been the cause of my walking pain), and I seem to be tolerating it this time around, while the back pain has receded a bit. I’m seeing the physio who fixed my leg pain before – but not until week after next, because (he reminded me) this is Melbourne Cup Week coming up.

It’s held the same day as the U.S. election, so we may not get much other coverage except horses! The season goes for a couple of weeks, but Tuesday is the BIG race, held about 3pm, and people who don’t ever gamble have a flutter on this race. Usually, the bet is made because of some frivolity like the horse’s name, or the famous trainer, or what color the jockey’s stable is, and yet nine times out of ten the outsider wins! They hold pools in offices, and it’s called the “Horse Race that Stops a Nation”, but really it only stops Melbourne because it’s a state holiday here.

April, 1969 was my first month in Australia and I knew nothing of this. I was living in Sydney, and needed a stamp, so I went to the post office, and it was deserted. I rang the bell and a highly irritated guy came out from the back and said, “Don’t you know what time it is?” I had picked the moment of the important race to drag him from the back where they were all watching the race on TV. I’ve never made that mistake again!

But I digress. I really want to say that yes, I can count this as the first day of the month because I’m feeling so positive. I have had such an extraordinary week of energy, and controllable pain, and building stamina, that I feel like a fresh start is coming on. Who knows if it’s one thing helping, or a combination? All I know is that I can actually get out of bed – for a whole week I have been up IN THE MORNING, and stayed up. I’ve had to go to bed early, but I’m even increasing that stamina as well. It just feels like a new me trying to break out from within.

Today I coached an actor via Skype. She needed New York Italian for Arthur Miller’s play, “A View From the Bridge”. God, I hate Miller’s work – so call me a cretin, I don’t care. Anyway, I sorted her out in an hour, and she might need some top ups as she gets a good grasp on the fine tuning. It was such a pleasant session, I’m going to start letting agents and others know that I’m coaching again. Now THAT’S a breakthrough, to feel I have the energy for that!

This is a great way to coach. I don’t even need to see them – that can be distracting. I only need to hear them; I can tell what their mouths are doing (or need to be doing) just with my ear. Nobody has to travel, and we can stay in our “comfy clothes”. And I can coach around the world, which I’ve done before.

Maybe suffering through The Menopause from Hell in my 50s means I get the trade off of feeling good in my 60s. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

So today may not be the first of November, but it’s the first day of the rest of my life. And right now, it’s looking more promising than it has for years. I just need to make sure that I don’t overdo it all at once in my excitement.

I still want to talk, in another post, about what success means to individual people, but let me start here by saying one example of success to me is when I’m not restricted in doing what I want to do because of outside influences, like chronic health challenges. It’s a form of feeling trapped that is soul destroying. If I can continue to come out of that entrapment, I will feel like the luckiest, and most successful, person I can be!

I’m just changin’ …

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Day 298 Qantas Has Landed!

Posted by themirrenlee on 27/10/2012

Observation: It takes longer to get back and forth from airports than it does to actually fly 500 miles to another city. And can be more expensive than the cost of the flight itself!

I started out from Sydney at 2:30 pm, and have just arrived at Roman and Caryl’s house in Melbourne at 7:30 pm. It was a 1 hour flight!

The plane ticket cost $120 one way (there are usually cheaper deals, but it’s a bike grand prix thingy weekend in Melbourne), while the Sky Bus to the main train station cost $17, followed by a $25 cab ride because I was too tired to hump luggage on a tram or train, then walk for 15 minutes.

Sydney has a $20 train ride all the way from the airport to anywhere ($12 concession), but Melbourne is still “talking about it”. Things move slower here. Luckily, I got a lift to the airport in Sydney from David and family.

I’m now back at the house of the friends I stayed with before. Since I left my flat in April I’ve been relying on the kindness of friends and family to put me up until my flight to L.A., which was supposed to be … well … today. As I’ve already written before, I’ve rebooked for the end of January, which means being “homeless” a little while longer.

Roman & Caryl have gone to Sydney (!) for the weekend, so I came now to look after their Burmese. (No, they haven’t adopted a little person from Myanmar; he’s a cat.) His name is Ming, but I call him Mr. Ming and tell him he runs a lovely bed and breakfast, which is why I stay here often. We’ve bonded.

SIDE NOTE: Call me crazy, but I really don’t think even Angelina would be allowed to adopt a little Burmese person if she wanted to. If she put him in a car it would be trafficking of human beings. (Sorry … Lol)

As I’ve said before, I totally believe that everything happens for a reason (even if we can’t understand the reason as it happens). Which is why I’m not shattered by my trip getting moved. It’s more important that I get my health stronger, and help David/KT/Nicky while they organize Katie’s father’s possessions (basically, the house), and his debts. A lot to do, especially when it’s in another state.

So my plan is to sort out my stuff that’s scattered far and wide, again at the mercy of kind and patient people whom I appreciate so very much.

Sarah is leaving her share house, and I stored a lot of things there; plus I never fully moved some bibs and bobs of furniture, etc., from my friend Tracey’s place down in Phillip Island (where I plan to return next year); now I’ve established a beach head at KT/D/N’s house, mostly stuff I’m keeping; while at Mr. Ming’s I have a ton of eBay chi cha to sell. AND I must finish the Lloyd Loom blanket box I’m refurbishing for Caryl – my deadline is way overdue.

Add to all that, I must get BOTH my passports renewed before I go, as well as organize a sublet off to have a place to occupy when I land in Hollyweird, and, finally, find the best car rental deal.

I couldn’t sleep last nite – I rarely can when I know I HAVE to get up in the morning, because I’m so stressed about it. Being “Sleep Challenged” means I don’t “do mornings” as a general rule, and when I’m forced to, it ain’t pretty.

I have commenters to thank, and other things to write, but I’m feeling like I may fall unconscious any moment. (Yes, I’ve dragged out the BIG drugs, like Stilnox.)

The bliss of Melbourne is that it is several degrees – celsius – cooler than Sydney, without the humidity. Great sleeping weather!

Tomorrow I will hopefully be less foggy and tired. I’m so glad I’m here!

I’m just doona divin’ …

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Day 229 And Then She Didn’t …

Posted by themirrenlee on 16/08/2012

Darling daughter and the damned rabbit. She wanted me to rabbit sit last nite so her landlord wouldn’t know it was a bunnymate when the 6 month rental inspection was being done (to make sure the house hadn’t been destroyed).

By 11pm she still hadn’t shown up, so I rang her and said it’s ridiculous, the landlord won’t care – it’s not like it’s a herd of buffalos – and besides, bunny is going to a new family over the weekend.

Daughter finally agreed, but by then my pre sleep routine was smashed. I’d had a busy day, and was keyed up and sore. Didn’t take bath, just fell into bed.

To not sleep.

Tired, sore, not sleepy – pure torture.

So yes, today was a write off, with mother of all Flares. I thought perhaps I’d had a full body stroke during the nite, but no, just those damn buffalos stampeding all over me.

Have appointment to speak on phone tomorrow to travel agent to fix up details of flights and hotel bookings. Remembered I must arrange to hitch a ride on one of the travel carts at LAX because the walk from plane to Customs is so long, the Aussies would say, “Take a packed lunch.”

My tooth hurts like hell, my body is bruised from the inside, I’m as tired as a teenager asked to do homework, and I’m fed up.

I thought you might like a little whine with your reading. 😉

I’m just retreatin’ …

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Day 56 Sleepathon

Posted by themirrenlee on 25/02/2012


I’m having one. Will explain tomorrow.

I’m just sleepin’ …

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